Our wellbeing – our state-of-mind and our feelings – are vital to our overall health and to our learning.

We know we should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. But what can we do for our wellbeing?

There are a few simple things that we can fit easily into every day, whatever we’re doing and whoever we are, that will make a big difference to how we feel about ourselves, our relationships and the rest of the world!

Here they are:

Connect: a problem shared is a problem halved! Talking to a friend often makes the problem seem less daunting.
Be active: as well as keeping us physically healthy, exercise helps us concentrate, feel and look better, and sleep better.
Give: helping others is proven to activate the reward centre of the brain, reduce stress levels and even help us live longer!
Keep Learning: learning something new can change our perspective and build confidence.
Take Notice:slowing down and noticing what’s around us makes us feel more relaxed and puts things into perspective.

What could you try today?

If a student would like to talk to someone about a worry or anything else, they can speak to their Tutor, Pastoral Manager or Anti-bullying Ambassador, make an appointment with Place2Be (via the House) or use the online anonymous counselling service Kooth.com.

Elizabeth Denton

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