Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis

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What if I told you there was a country that suffers from destruction of infrastructure and restrictions on food and fuel imports? Causing more than 17 million human beings to face famine and die unless they receive humanitarian help? Where 80% of the population is in serious need? What if I told you the same country is facing serious outbreaks of cholera, coronavirus and possibly more viruses that have a serious impact on the population? As well as poverty, unemployment, water shortages? What if this was all true?

Well it is.

And that country is Yemen.

The world right now is facing many issues and while our thoughts may be understandably pre-occupied with Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, it is essential that we don’t neglect the plight of Yemen and that we bring justice to these victims who watch their country get destroyed due to a political representation.

As human beings we have to help and make a change for those who physically can’t and we have a chance to stop a country from becoming extinct.

Millions of vulnerable people are currently suffering through no fault of their own. These people face a daily struggle to survive, dealing with the devastating effects of malnutrition, disease and extreme poverty.

You have the blessing to live in a country that provides things you tend to forget like free education and NHS. You have the ability to access healthcare that is provided to you and you read this in the comfort of your home yet these simple necessities are not guaranteed in the other countries.

Please donate or sign petitions that I have linked below and remember you are helping to stop the people of Yemen from suffering.

There is also a link to a video that explains what is going on, educate yourself more and make a change. Just by pressing a few buttons, you can save a life!!!

Thank you for reading , Fatimin






Video on the crisis

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