Having so many young people that show huge potential academically at Lister means that we are consistently looking for ways to challenge them, broaden their skills and experience and really work to support them in developing as a well rounded individuals that will be a credit to any college, university and workplace. As part of this we decided to trial the Higher Project with a group of year 9 students in order to challenge them academically, build their research skills and give them the chance to explore an area that they are really interested in, and passionate about.

AQA’s Higher Project runs as an extension of a student’s study and allows them to gain the equivalent of a GCSE. Students are asked to research a topic area of their choice and independently complete a research project, reflecting on the process of this as they do. Students engage in taught sessions which develop skills such as time management, referencing, report writing, critical thinking, problem solving, research….the list is endless- all of which are used within college, university and the workplace. Through completing the project, it is hoped that student’s personal aspirations for future study are developed. Furthermore, the reflective based project log helps students to understand the importance of each stage of the project development process and select and use their learnt skills, helping them to develop their metacognitive awareness.

Our year 9 students have developed some really interesting ideas from the evolution of languages, to the history of medicine and an painting project exploring different artistic styles. We are also lucky to have such dedicated and clever teachers at Lister who offer support to these students through tailored supervision sessions.

The project will run until January 2020, so do look out for the final pieces then! If you are a student who is interested in doing the Higher Project next year please come and see Ms. Voisey.

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