In October 2018, the difficult decision was made to close the school in order to allow for fumigation to remove the false noble widow spiders which had appeared around the building. Students and teachers worked hard to ensure learning was still possible during this time, working off-site at NewVic or at The NCS or using Google Classroom at home.

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The Music department thought that this unusual turn of events would make an interesting musical and Ms Brown wrote ‘Spider! The Musical’ for year 7 Theatre School. The musical premiered on the 5th July, weaving an entertaining fantasy narrative out of the arrival and departure of the spiders. The students performed the clever and witty material brilliantly – singing, playing instruments, dancing and acting – showing great confidence and professionalism.

Well done to all, and a huge thank you to Ms Voisey, Ms Brown, Ms Lungu, Mr Morgan and all others who supported the event.

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