Some Like it Hip Hop – a Year 9 Collaborative Review

Year 9 and Year 11 GCSE dance students went to watch a fantastic hip hop piece on Tuesday 28th of October 2019.  Year 9 contributed to this collaborative review by discussing points in partners
The company we went to watch was called Zoonation and the date was Tuesday 28th October at 19:30 (Larisa and Elena).
The performance was at the Peacock Theatre, Holborn.  Zoonation were performing ‘Some Like it Hip Hop.’.  Some like it Hip Hop is a story of love, mistaken identity and revolution, in a city where books are banned and women are kept subservient to men (Tanisa and Felicia).

My favourite dance was the freestyle in the circle because it showed peoples’ individuality and different talents, and at the end included the whole audience (Saffie)

My favourite was when the ‘geek’ entered the stage and was doing slapstick type of dancing that made the audience laugh. (Ibrahim).

The middle part was my least favourite because it was repetitive and boring.and had slow music which led me off topic even though as Ms said it helped tell the story (Saffie)

We would recommend ‘Some Like it Hip Hop’ because it had fantastic  live music (singers, beat boxers) and it made you involved. It was very interactive because at the end we all got to dance and have some fun.  We want to add that the props and scenery  were very accurate and helped us know the locations of each part.  The costumes they wore

set the scenes, the era and helped us know who was playing what character.(Isabella and Katrina)

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