School Opening and Home Learning Information and Guidance

Updated 10th July


Home Learning Activities

Work has been set for the last week of term and will be emailed to students on Monday morning. The deadline for completion and submission of the week’s activities is 3:00pm on Friday 17th July, which is the last day of term.  A suggested timetable for each year group to follow when completing their home learning activities can be seen here.

Students should make their own copy of these documents:

Live online sessions for all year groups

We are continuing to host live online tutor sessions for all students (Mondays at 1pm for year 7 and 8, Thursdays 1pm for year 9 and 10), and live subject sessions for English, Maths, Science and RS for year 9 and 10 students. We are also continuing to run live English, Maths and Science sessions for years 7 and 8.  Further details on the timings of these sessions are included in the full letter to parents linked here. We ask that all students, parents and carers familiarise themselves with the ‘Student Protocols for Live Sessions’, which sets out clearly the school’s expectations around behaviour for online learning.

Year 10 Students and Selected Year 7, 8 and 9 Students Attending School

We are also pleased to continue to invite all Year 10 students and selected year 9 students into school next week, as follows:

Monday July 13th, 9.30am-12: Galileo 

Tuesday July 14th, 9.30am-12: Da Vinci 

Wednesday July 15th, 9.30am-12: Hawking 

Thursday July 16th, 9.30am-12: King 

Friday July 17th, 9.30am-12: Shelley 

Children of key workers and other invited students can continue to attend.


Useful Websites

This document summarises many useful websites to support your learning.

You can see information on this page about supporting your wellbeing.

We also have a website page of tips for supporting effective home study and other recommended activities.

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