Sampled project

Students from year 7 to 10 were invited to participate in Sadler’s Wells’ Sampled. This was a hip-hop workshop and a trip to see the performance of some of the associate Dance Companies at Sadler‘s Wells on Friday afternoon. The hip-hop workshop was taught by Sunanda Biswas who has been teaching and dancing hip-hop the Lindy hop styles for many years.  Sunanda performed on the Greatest Dancer two weeks ago.

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On the trip, the students were exceptionally well behaved.’It was great’ said Tanisa, and Saffie added ‘that there was a variety of styles performed’

The Sampled performance was enjoyed by all.

‘I loved all the performances’ said Sameera Ali

‘The songs we danced to during the workshop such as ‘Rappers Delight’ and ‘Poison’ from ‘back in the day’ were fun and lively’ said Zara Shaikh

‘It was nice to see the contrast between the different dance styles in the performance’ added Kenyah Sandy

‘The dances inspired me to create my own dance’ said Junior Ducure  ‘And I got my photo taken with Geometrie Agents’

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