Hi! I am Mariyam and I am a Scholars prefect. You may not know what this is but I will explain. As a scholars prefect, I help out with trips and raise money for events. This means I should be attending all seminars.At Lister ,scholars like me are given extra challenging work and go on educational trips which test and challenge our brains as well as participate in lots of extra curricular activities.

All scholars attend seminars like I do. The word “seminar” might make you think it is really boring but boring is the exact opposite. We have different teachers every week which is really exciting, we learn topics we would never learn in class (these include mindfulness, volunteering and black history from a different angle). I found the seminar about volunteering most interesting because we learnt about some really interesting stories (including a story about being licked by a cow) from Ms Hall.

We are going to be going on many trips and I am most excited for more debate trips. We have already been to the debate launch where we saw a debate by the some of the best young debaters in London. We went to central london and the motion was “should the voting age be lowered to 16”. I also learnt some new terms like opposition and proposition. I cannot wait to be learning a life skill that so much fun.

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