As your child starts Year 11 they, and you, need to begin thinking carefully about their Post 16 Options.  There are a number of things that the school will do to support you and your child through this process, but the school cannot make decisions and applications on your child’s behalf.  The most important thing is to make yourself aware of all the Post 16 Pathways that are available in order that you may support your child in making informed decisions about their future.


In Year 11 your child is guaranteed the following in-school support:


  • College Assemblies (Autumn Term)
  • Post 16 Pathways Day (December)
  • Futures Fair (December)
  • Post 16 Application Workshops (Autumn/Spring Term)
  • Careers Drop-In Surgery (Year 11 Parent’s Evening)
  • 1-2-1 Independent Careers Advice (Autumn/Spring Term)


Additionally, the Careers Team is able to provide telephone advice to parents / carers upon request.

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