Lister Community School  Local Governing Board and the Trust Board of the Newham Community Schools Trust have agreed to adopt these arrangements and devolve responsibility for admission to LB Newham Pupil Services. 

The London Borough of Newham manages the admissions process for Lister Community School and our current published admission number is 270 per year group. The borough’s website has a range of resources and information regarding school admissions, and we have also created our own resources to support parents and parents joining the school. Please click on the relevant links below.

Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2020

We would like to welcome our prospective year 7 students to our school community; our staff and students have created this video to show them how much we are looking forward to meeting them when they join the school.

The first booklet linked here is a resource specifically for Lister students with lots of information about the school. The second is an activity booklet from Headstart Newham which will allow them to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of primary to secondary transition in a positive way. Finally the reading booklet will help them prepare for positive reading routines at Lister.

Here are other useful links relating to the transition and admission arrangements for the 2020-21 academic year.

Admission for entry from September 2019 (2019/20 current academic year)

Mid-phase admissions

Useful links for all schools admissions