One of the 100 Most Improved Schools in the Country (DfE, January 2014)

Always Aiming for Excellence

A world-class education for young people in Newham

(what we are here to achieve)

To provide the highest possible standard of education for all our students, and to be the first choice school for parents in our area

To offer a broad and rich curriculum which provides our students with:
a sound basis to understand and contribute to the world they live in ;
the skills they need for their future education and employment;
the foundation for enjoyment and appreciation of the great intellectual and cultural capital of the city in which they are living

To be a centre for excellence, in particular for the quality of teaching and learning

To be a preferred employer, where all staff feel valued, challenged and developed

(the way that we seek to work)

To be a centre of learning in our community that will be highly ambitious in leading our students to achieve their best

To demonstrate our passion for and belief in the value of learning, and of the subjects we teach

To be outward looking, accountable and transparent

To treat all members of the school community with kindness, politeness and consideration

To base decisions on evidence, and to monitor and evaluate the impact of our actions

To take account of the views of parents and the local community and the interests of all young people in Newham

Key Achievements 2011-13

  1. Establishing a calm and safe environment for learning.
  2. Developing effective leadership, structures and accountability.
  3. Continuous focus on quality of teaching and on Ofsted priorities (marking, data and literacy), enabling us to achieve Good status.
  4. Developing whole school culture of high aspirations.

Strategic Goals 2014-6

  1. Embed initiatives to sustain improved standards and outcomes for all students including quality of teaching and learning and in-class support, including being a lead school for high quality Teacher training, enabling us to achieve Outstanding status at our next inspection
  2. Develop the curriculum to ensure that all students are actively engaged in their learning; in particular that KS3 builds effectively on best practice in primaries for progression through to KS4 and lifelong learning.
  3. To develop provision to increase the proportion of Lister students progressing to Russell Group universities and equivalents
  4. To offer broad, diverse and creative opportunities for enrichment, and to fully capitalise on our existing partnerships to ensure that we become a centre of excellence for music in London
  5. To develop the engagement with parents and the wider community, celebrating the success of the school and its students, and developing opportunities for wider engagement with the community, through activities such as:
    1. hosting an annual Community Summer Fair
    2. developing a programme of courses for adults in the community.