“The school’s Governing Body met on Wednesday, April 22nd to consider the outcome of the academy consultation with staff, parents and other stakeholders on the proposal for our school to become an academy and jointly establish the Newham Community Schools Trust . We also considered representations from unions and professional associations on the proposal.

The attached consultation report summarised the consultation process, the outcome of the survey of staff and parents and made a recommendation to the three Governing Bodies.

We noted that although survey response rates were modest, the responses received were broadly in favour and the overall level of objection was very low. Therefore the Governing Body voted by an overwhelming majority to continue further with the proposal for our school to convert and establish the Newham Community Schools Trust (NCST).

Our Governing Body will make a final decision on the proposal to establish NCST later this term including consideration of more detailed plans, which will be developed by a working group of Governors from all three schools.

If you have any questions about the consultation process please email the school at

An archive of materials from the consultation can be accessed below.