School Uniform

The following uniform is compulsory for all students in years 7 – 11:

  • Black Blazer (with correct house colour embroidery and logo)
  • Black V-Neck jumper with logo (optional)
  • Long or short sleeved white shirt with collar (not polo shirts)
  • House coloured tie
  • Black tailored trousers (with plain black belt if required)
  • Black tailored skirt (knee length or longer, but not below the ankle)
  • Plain black shoes (maximum 3cm heel)
  • Plain black socks or plain black knitted tights
  • If worn, plain black hijab/headscarf , with no decoration.
  • Lanyard and ID card.

Uniform for Senior Student Leaders only:

  • Charcoal Grey Business Suit
  • Long or short sleeved white shirt with collar (not polo shirts)
  • House coloured tie

Uniform Pictures (click to open larger versions):

UNIFORM 2 uniform blazers (1)

Uniform Stockist:

Fashion Stop
138 High Street North
East Ham
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Telephone: 020 8552 3200

Uniform Code:

Compulsory Black Blazer

  • The blazer must have the school logo and applicable house colour piping at the lapel.
  • This is the only jacket that can be worn around the school and on school trips (weather permitting).

Compulsory V-Neck Black Jumper with School Logo

  • Sweatshirts, cardigans, hooded tops or tops with writing will not be acceptable.
  • The school uniform can be worn without the jumper in warm weather.

Compulsory White Shirt

  • The shirt collar must be seen at all times.
  • Polo-shirts cannot be worn, other than in PE.

Compulsory House Coloured Tie

  • Ties in house colours, with school logo, must be tied and worn properly at all times.
  • Students must not behave inappropriately with ties or without regard for their or other students’ safety.

Compulsory Black Trousers and Skirts

  • Smart skirts and trousers must be plain black and must not have excessively visible buckles, studs, logos, embroidery etc.
  • Skirts must be knee length or longer, but must not be too long (i.e., past the ankle).
  • Skirts must be one layer only.
  • Jeans, jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts must not be worn as part of, or underneath, the school uniform.
  • Any belt worn with skirts and trousers must be black.


  • If worn, headscarves must be in the compulsory style of black, plain with no embroidery, tassels or other decoration.

Plain black shoes

  • Shoes must be sensible and safe for school.  Heels should not exceed 3cm.
  • Footwear must have closed in toes and should not be backless.
  • Footwear must not have excessive decoration (jewels, buckles, tassels, logos etc) or have coloured laces.

Socks and tights

  • Socks must be plain black.  Black knitted tights may be worn; they must not be patterned, lacy, sheer or different colours.

Outdoor wear

  • Students must leave outdoor coats and any other non-uniform items in their lockers.
  • Hats and caps must not be worn inside the school at any time. Black woollen hats can be worn in the playground at break times.


  • Students may wear one pair of small discreet earrings (in pierced ears) and a watch. Earrings must not exceed the size of a 5p piece
  • Bracelets and ankle chains should not be worn to school
  • The school will not take responsibility for jewellery worn to school

School Bags

  • Black school bags must be large and practical enough to hold required equipment and school books (including A4 size).
  • Purses and wallets should be stored securely.

Lanyards and ID Cards

  • Lanyards must be worn at all times. Lanyards are of grey colour and should indicate the correct year group.
  • ID cards must be worn at all times. These are an important form of identification and, are linked to student’s parent pay accounts.
  • Lost, damaged or defaced items must be replaced. Replacement of items requires a payment on parent pay account of £2.50 for a replacement lanyard, and £2.50 for a replacement ID card.

Uniform Code for PE:

  • White polo shirt (boys & girls) [with or without school logo]
  • Plain, black shorts (boys & girls) or plain, black tracksuit bottoms (girls only)
  • OPTIONAL (in cold weather): House-coloured rugby shirt (boys) or black fleece (girls)
  • Hoodies are NOT to be worn at any time whilst on the school site
There is a strict NO JEWELLERY requirement in ALL PE/Dance lessons and extra-curricular activities  at Lister Community School.  Students are therefore advised not to wear jewellery on days where they have a PE/Dance lesson, or a PE/Dance-related extra-curricular activity.
For health and safety reasons, any student without proper PE kit, or who refuses to remove item/s of jewellery will not be permitted to participate in their PE/Dance lesson or activity.