Mandarin Speaking Competition

Rayan Kara from Year 9 took part in the British Council’s annual Mandarin Speaking
Competition on December 3rd. Now in its sixteenth year, the national competition aims to build interest in Chinese language and culture. This year, pupils from 88 secondary schools across the UK have competed in regional heats held in Belfast, Glasgow and London.

Rayan was really confident and fluent when he was doing his speech. He did his best and didn’t get nervous at all even though the other participants are older and have learnt Mandarin for longer. His pronunciation was great and clear, all the audiences were engaged, they all laughed when he was telling his interesting story in Chinese.  After the speech, the judge asked him some random questions and he got the right answer for every single question.

He has been learning Mandarin since November last year under Mandarin Excellence
Program and has made such big progress from last years. His parents are very supportive
and value his Mandarin achievement. They tried their best to help him to practice his speech
at home even though they don’t know any Mandarin.

This competition was a good chance for the students to increase confidence when using Mandarin and also it’s a good opportunity to put their language skills to use outside of a classroom setting.

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