Mandarin Excellence Trip

29 Year 7 students who are studying Mandarin with Mandarin Excellence Program had the opportunity to visit British Museum and Chinatown on 5th April.

Ms Han, Mandarin teacher, was impressed with how well students engaged on that day and saw the students being proud of how many Chinese characters they could recognise in the British Museum and Chinatown. Some Chinese tourists were impressed that our students spoken politely to them and greeted with them in Chinese.

These are some of the students’ comments:

I really enjoyed the trip, it was a fun day out. I also liked learning about Chinese history. I saw many beautiful pieces of ancient jewellery and furniture. (Year 7 student)

I found the trip very fun and informative about the Chinese history and culture. Also I found the trip very helpful, especially for my Mandarin lesson as I learnt more about the Chinese culture and it would make it easier to remember what I have learnt such as their literature and the calligraphy. (Year 7 student)

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