Newham Poetry by Heart Recital Competition

Last week, Lister Community School hosted the first Newham Poetry by Heart Recital Competition. The event saw multiple primary and secondary schools across Newham perform a variety of different poems. It was fantastic to see so many students engaging with poetry and not only memorising the poems, but truly performing them.


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We had an amazing variety of group performances and individual acts, all of which were clearly prepared and rehearsed meticulously. A big well done to all of the students who performed on Thursday – they were all fantastic to watch! A particular congratulations for our primary and secondary winners and runners up, Abigail and Andre from St Joachim’s Catholic Primary and Chloe and Foujia from Lister Community School. Another big congratulations to our group winners and runner up Rokeby School and Central Park Primary. 
It was fantastic for students to gain personalised feedback from a judging table full of professionals. Allie Esiri and Adam Kammerling, both working in the field of poetry, Jane Lofthouse, representation from Newham Council and Tim Shortis from Poetry by Heart! The judges were really impressed by the quality of all of the performances and by the hospitality and politeness of all Lister students who supported with the event.
As a school, it was fantastic to see 3 out of 6 of the finalists representing Lister Community School. Well done everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success!

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