Languages at Lister

From Monday 13th to Friday 17th January, Lister Community School held its Language Week. Throughout this week, we had various competitions and activities run by staff and students. The aim was to shine a spotlight on languages and consider their importance.

Some exciting competitions such as the Quizlet World Languages Challenge, or Language Treasure hunt sparkled huge engagement, with many enthusiastic participants trying their very best when learning about new languages.

Additionally, students delivered language tasters and workshops where they would share their culture with other peers, introducing them to the basics of a new language and teaching them a part of their culture.

We were also fortunate to have visitors during the week. Students from Goldsmiths University treated students on the Mandarin Excellence Programme to a performance featuring traditional Chinese art forms. We were joined by students from Southern Road Primary for this very exciting event.

In addition, The Scholars Seminar for the week had a Languages focus and featured guest speaker Catriona Statham, a passionate linguist who speaks French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese who shared stories and reflections on how languages have enabled her to travel, meet people and succeed professionally.

This week was able to teach both students and teachers about how languages can unlock a whole new world and allow you to not only achieve more in life but also allow yourself to make new friends by sharing the same language.

Lister’s Languages Week was absolutely amazing and we can’t wait for it again next year!!

(Thanks to Chloe Letna)

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