Dear Parent or Carer,

I hope you are well.

I am writing to update you on the school’s arrangements for keeping all our community as safe as possible. I want to emphasise two points first of all:

  1. We have had a really positive start to the term, and staff and students are delighted to be back. We want to do everything we can to keep students in school and also to comply with the latest guidance
  2. In light of the increase in cases in Newham, we have decided to step up our protective measures by requiring all members of the school community to wear face-coverings in corridors and other communal areas of the school.

Face-coverings in corridors and communal areas

This new measure will take place with immediate effect. Please send your child to school on Monday with at least two suitable face-coverings (either a three-ply disposable mask, or a mask made of cotton). Visors may also be worn. Tutors will be giving guidance on how and when face-coverings should be worn, and it is important that students understand to put masks away properly after wearing them and to wash their hands after touching any face-covering. Students will also be expected to wear these on arrival at school and while lining up before school so that we can check that they are ready to go into the corridors.

Other measures to keep your child safe

This additional measure is on top of all the other steps we are taking, including:

–       separating groups of students

–       hand sanitiser in every space that students use

–       additional cleaning

–       keeping classrooms well ventilated

–       teachers physically distancing at the front of each class.

However, the single most important measure remains that no staff or students must not come to school if they or anyone in their family has one of the three main symptoms of Covid 19:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Students who have any of these symptoms should isolate for 14 days, or until they have received a negative test result. We will make every effort to send suitable work home for them so that they do not fall behind in their studies. Please see the Public Health England website for any questions about the expectations of those who are self-isolating.

Please feel free to contact me or Ms O’Garro, School Business Manager, by email if you have any questions about these arrangements. This is a difficult time for everyone, but we are committed to doing everything possible to keep children in school safely, and we will be keeping you updated on any further changes to our measures. I will also be hosting a Zoom meeting later this week so that any parents who wish to discuss issues related to the school’s risk assessment (which is on our website).

Thank you

Anthony Wilson


Ensuring the safety of our school community

Please also read our summary risk assessment carefully.

  • We will be managing the school so that there is no mixing of year groups, and minimal movement around the site. Students will arrive and leave through different gates to avoid contact with other year groups. Students will be taught in the same room except for specialist subjects, and all rooms will be arranged with desks facing forward to ensure safety. There will be no assemblies. There will also be fewer extra-curricular activities, and playtime will be very strictly controlled to keep the social bubbles apart.
  • Until further notice, our vertical tutor system will change to a year group system. You will receive details of this at the start of term. 
  • Students may not use lockers until we reopen as usual. This means that on their first day they need to take out any items that they need and keep them with them. All students therefore need to check they have a large and strong school-bag and are properly equipped for the new school year.
  • It is very important that students bring their own equipment this year to ensure they do not need to borrow anything. Please therefore ensure you check the equipment list carefully.
  • We ask students to behave safely walking on the left, washing their hands frequently, keeping to their year group area and being, at all times, hygienic and thoughtful. 
  • Our Library will operate a request and delivery service and students will be expected to have books with them at all times. Returned books will be quarantined until safe to lend again.
  • We ask students to bring in a permanent plastic bottle that may be refilled during the day.
  • We advise students to wash their hands regularly rather than wearing gloves.
  • Please help us to ensure clean air and safety around our school by not driving your child to school unless there is a real need. Please encourage them to walk or cycle.
  • In light of the current situation parents are discouraged from congregating at the school gates, please arrange to meet your child at a separate location in the vicinity.

Please read the following information carefully. Here is a link to our school risk assessment

Entrance Route Videos for Year Groups

Each year group has a separate entrance point, walking route and boundary areas within the school. The PMs have created a video of each route to share this communication with all parents/students as much as possible. 

Yr 9 Entrance Video

Yr 10 Entrance Video

Yr 8 Entrance Video

Yr 11 Entrance Video

Yr 7 Entrance Video

Student Year Group Bubble Areas

Term Dates 2020-2021

Autumn 2020

Autumn Term 1 Refer to the table above for details
Half Term Break 26th October to 30th October
Autumn Term 2 2nd November to 18th December
Winter Break 21st December to 1st January

Spring 2021

Spring Term 1 4th January to 12th February
Half Term Break 15th February to 19th February
Spring Term 2 22nd February to 1st April
Spring Break 2nd April to 16th April

Summer 2021

Summer Term 1 19th April to 28th May
Half Term Break 31st May to 4th June
Summer Term 2 7th June to 16th July
Summer Break Begins 19th July

Any changes to these dates will be published both in our  Lister Community Update emails and on the School Website

Tutor group and House changes

House leadership from September 2020 is as follows:

Head of Da Vinci House – Ms Sophie Talbot –

Head of Galileo House – Ms Sarah Sarwar –

Head of Hawking House – Ms Majada Yasmin –

Head of King House – Ms Natasha Sivadasan –

Head of Shelley House – Ms Sara Voisey –

There will be some changes to our tutor groups in September, based on the latest DfE guidance. Students will be informed about their tutor group on their first day in September.

School meals

If you are eligible for free school meals, please ensure that you apply immediately.  Failure to do this will interrupt your child’s access to free school meals.  If your child is not currently in receipt of free meals and you feel you may be eligible, please apply online at or contact your child’s house office for more information or assistance with your application.

Students will either be able to buy a lunch using the Parent Pay online system or to bring in a packed lunch. We expect all students to have a healthy lunch every day.

Price of School Meals

From September 2020, the price of a school lunch will increase to £2.30.  We have been able to keep the price at £2.05 for more than 8 years, but we must now increase the price of meals in order for our providers to be able to provide meals that are more substantial and of better quality.