The Year 11 GCSE Dance cohort  did not begin their Half Term holidays until Tuesday.  They were in school attending an Artspool Dance Conference run by Heather Worrall on the written paper which is worth 40% of their total GCSE grade.

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As well as learning new acronyms and acrostic poems to remember key facts and structuring model answers for the essay questions, they constructed model sets for the 6 professional works in the anthology.

“I’m glad I came. Heather made me understand the paper more”  Emily

“I know how to structure an answer for a 12 mark question” Gabriela

“All I need to do is write up the notes from the session and do a few of the essays we planned and I’ll feel very confident about the written paper” Gilberto

“She helped to make links between all the works and the components” Vera

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