This summer term the High Attainers in upper school have been involved in lots of different projects. Below are a few students stories from the previous term


“During April of 2017, I and a group of Year 9/10 girls attended a residential weekend event with the ‘Let Girls Learn’ campaign launched by Michelle Obama in 2015. The campaign aims at providing quality education for girls in deprived and developing countries. Many charities have worked alongside this campaign in order to inform people about challenges girls face striving for education on a daily basis.

The event took place in Somerset and it was an extremely eye-opening experience as we engaged with people from different backgrounds and attended informative sessions with a great panel of hosts and guests. Many guests shared their personal experiences and we took part in relatable Q&A sessions that encouraged us to broaden our thinking skills. We also participated in interactive activities that helped explore the importance of girl’s education alongside women’s equality and the struggles we face every day and what we can do to overcome them. In conclusion, this was an insightful experience and inspired us, Lister Community School, to help create a change as we aim to provide a target of 500 books to an unprivileged school in India through the ‘Teach for India’ campaign”.

Halimah (Y9) & Fatimah (Y10)


“On Monday 15th May, I (along with other high attainers from my year group) attended St John’s College in Oxford University to celebrate and graduate from completing the Brilliant Club Project. We were selected to take part in the project since February where have been taught by a PhD student regarding a topic in the Stem or Arts Category. We picked the topic that we felt that we took a larger interest and was more attuned to. For example, I chose the Stem category and was taught about smoking; whereas other students picked Arts which involved learning about monuments.

At the university we were given a quick briefing and then experienced the equivalent of a ‘school dinner’ at Oxford, which proved to be much tastier. We then went on a great tour of the St John’s campus which was lead by an Oxford Student. We saw the student rooms and main places of interest in the university. It provided me a huge insight into how university life is really like and what I should expect when I attend university. Afterwards, we were presented with our certificates in a small graduation type of ceremony.

The trip to Oxford gave me an insight into university life and how I can make the best use of my choices and opportunities. It has also increased my passion and aspiration of getting to university whereby I aspire to attend a university just as prestigious as Oxford”

Sonali Chaggar (Y9)


“A few months ago, we attended our first MUN conference. It was so exciting to know that we were going to participate in an event so unique and different to what we were used to. Such an educational occasion maintained our hunger for learning and empowered us further, knowing that we could put our learning in school to use.

When we first arrived, we expected kids our age that were as new to this as we were. However, we soon realised that we were surrounded by college and university students which made us feel quite intimidated.

As the conference began, and we each split of, we quickly learnt that we weren’t the only beginners. Throughout the conference, we met numerous people that inspired us to attend to more conferences. It was exhilarating to discuss world events and feel as though we could solve them, whilst having the support of our chairmen guiding us throughout the whole process. The feeling of intimidation we once had disappeared with the energy of the other participants and the humour of the chairman.

But we soon had to leave after the time had whizzed by, although none of us wanted to. We were still buzzing from the joy and excitement from attending such an event hoping for other opportunities. We are all definitely looking forward to a next conference, awaiting to meet the same friendly and welcoming faces”


Linah Begum (Y9)


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