English National Ballet partnership

Year 9 GCSE Dance and some year 7 and 8s had a great workshop with members from the English National Ballet on Akram Khan’s Giselle.  The workshop leader was called Georgia and the dance technique was ballet and contemporary.  Some features of this dance are turn-out, tendu (pointed toes), straight backs and hand covering your face.  The new thing I learned was how to use ‘contact’ in dance.  We had to touch our partners and changed levels to show authority like the rich people in Giselle.  The movement I found difficult was the bourees because I hadn’t done these before.  I overcame this by stepping shorter distances.  The workshop made me understand Giselle better and appreciate the technique more.

The music for the workshop was awesome and was played live by a musician.  The instruments he used were a guitar, trumpet, panpipes, drums and vocals.

I enjoyed working with Georgia from ENB and the students from St Angela’s.

I loved the whole experience and look forward to watching Giselle at the Cinema in January.

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By Felicia Owusu (Year 9)

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