Testing for Covid continues to be a very important way of keeping our school and community as safe as possible.  The government has now asked schools to administer regular testing for Covid in schools.

Please note that testing of staff and ALL students for Covid will now become a regular event in our school life, and that we appreciate your support with this, as well as with the continued good hygiene practices and social distancing.  We are still working out what the arrangements and systems will be and we will update you as soon as possible.  It will be our aim to commence some testing during the week commencing 4th January 2021.  In the meantime, Year 11 students who have already been provided with test kits at the end of last term should complete them and return them to the test sites in Newham.  The Council has shared more information about the Covid testing and arrangements for returning the kit here and you can also visit their website for more details and updates.  It also includes details from neighbouring authorities about where to return the kits and what you should do if you do not live in any of them.  Please don’t forget to register them as you did before and please ensure that the kit is placed in the box that is provided inside the pack.

In order for us to carry out Covid testing on students, we must have your permission.  Please click on our Covid testing permission slip to complete the form. The form must be completed  by Wednesday 6th January 2021.  Please ensure that you add the correct contact details in the permission slip.  Please note that an email address is essential. The form must be completed for each of your children that attends Lister.

In the meantime, we will continue to observe our Covid-safe practices as detailed in our risk assessment and we would ask you to ensure that your child comes to school equipped with masks (including a spare one) at all times: they are expected to wear these unless they are outside or seated in a classroom (and they may wish to wear them at these times also).

Please also reinforce the message of Hands, Face, Space with your children.

Thank you.

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