Teachers may often see the Careers Team popping in and out of lessons to chase students for permission slips or to hand out visit letters. Parents and carers may have signed permission letters for trips and other careers activities. We thank all teachers, parents and carers for their support with this and as a result, the Careers Team have engaged just under 1000 students in careers activities since the start of term!

What have the students been up to I hear you ask? From participating in the Lord Mayor’s Show with Barclays, sound mixing with the Madison Square Garden Company, to listening to ex Olympian Colin Jackson CBE talking about the hurdles in his career to name but a few, it has been both an inspirational and eventful term.

We at Lister are fortunate to have a Careers Team focused on preparing our students to make informed decisions and aspire to reach their goals through activities and events. We had our most successful Year 11 Options Day to date with over 37 organisations attending the afternoon fair and 14 supporting the carousel.

Careers Education as you may have known it being just an interview in Year 11 no longer exists. Neither is it just the responsibility of one person to deliver as it now encompasses a wider school approach both inside and outside the classroom to be effective.

Often when teachers ask a few follow on questions such as ‘what skills do you think you have used?’ when a student is presenting in front of the class for example, or ‘what careers do you think relate to this subject?’, this can encourage students to think about their futures and consider different career families. Equally, we appreciate parents and carers asking the students about the trips or workshops they have attended and how it has helped them reflect on their career choices.

Staff are encouraged to visit the careers office is located in the East block and speak to the team if they wanted further information about what we are doing at Lister or for regular updates, follow the @ListerCareers Twitter handle.

We look forward to all the exciting opportunities awaiting the students in the Spring term!

Nazmin Begum

CEIAG and Extended Services Officer

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