Lister Celebrates Black History Month

Lister joins the celebration of Black History Month in October, with the theme of ‘Black Migrations’ and activities running over a range of areas. Throughout the month we will seek to educate students about inspirational Black figures, and to consider questions about how Britain can become a fairer society.

In the curriculum, there will be a focus on the contribution of Black people. In Computing students will learn about the three African American Women who pioneered Orbit, and in Maths there will be a focus on Francis William, Thomas Fuller and Euphemia Lofton.  English will explore a range of Black poets from Alice Walker to John Agard. In Science there will be an enquiry unit into key scientists, while in Humanities there will be research into key Civil Rights leaders and the history of slavery. Creative Arts will look at prominent photographers like Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, while in PE there will be a unit on the history of African Dance. Scholars’ Seminars will all focus on aspects of Black History. The Library will also be hosting a celebration of Black authors’ work.

The Friday poem will also reflect cultural contributions from Black authors. Every Thursday during Black History Month there will be food from African or Caribbean culinary heritage, starting with Jerk Chicken this Thursday. Display will also reflect the theme, with tutor groups and individual teachers asked to choose and display an inspirational figure and display this on doors.

Finally, students will have the chance to participate in an essay competition and take part in a performance about migration, as well as to present in assembly.

Our aim throughout will be to educate, inspire debate and get our students to reflect on how to make Britain a more just and equitable society, and to celebrate the diversity of Lister Community School.

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