Accent Catering

This year we welcome a new catering provider to the school. Accent Catering has joined us and will provide freshly prepared meals for students and staff throughout the academic year.

Main courses such as Beef Lasagne, Chicken Tikka Masala and Vegetable chilli sit alongside light and contemporary on-the-go choices such as wraps, sandwiches and jacket potatoes.

For more information, refer to the links below:

Lister Menu


ParentPay FAQ’s

Free School Meals

Lockdown 2021 recipes

Our catering provider has been working on a number of lockdown recipes that you can try and make at home. They are sharing various recipes during lockdown and are running a ‘Lockdown Bake Off’ challenge which students (and parents) can participate in.

January recipes

February recipes

Lockdown Bake off – Pancakes

Each section of the ‘Lockdown Bake Off’ runs for 2 weeks and simple base recipes will be provided so students and parents can make them at home. A great way to develop new skills or simply have some fun in the kitchen.