Lister hosted some visitors from New York City last week as twenty-five students (and their teachers) from the Bronx Center for Science and Math spent a day with us during their visit to Paris and London, investigating attitudes to immigration and education, supported by PDT Partners.

BCSM students began the day with a ‘Making Music’ session, led my Mr. Morgan and Ms. Brown.  Within minutes, they were all body-drumming in unison and singing songs from Lister’s community opera, ‘Full Circle’.  They then had a tour of the school, dropping in on some English and Science lessons, before completing a History lesson on Elizabethan economy with Mr. Beck… they’ll remember MUSHPIE for life!

Teachers and students from BCSM both commented on the wide range of subjects and activities offered to Lister students.  The American system, they told us, was much more proscriptive, with less opportunity for students to choose the subjects they studied, and no music during curriculum time at all!  They were also really impressed with how challenging the work being completed by Lister students was!

The day concluded with a panel discussion – an opportunity for BCSM students to ask our students about life and education in London, and for Lister students to find out about living in New York City.  As it turns out, both sets of students had a lot in common… both groups complained about homework and school lunches, both groups though of their teachers as extended family, and all had very similar tastes in fashion, food and music!

It was a fantastic day for all involved, and we are hoping to be able to arrange a visit for some Lister students to BCSM in the not too distant future!

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