Muslim Lives Matter

Did you know that over 5 million people are being tortured and forced out of their religion and are being detained in concentration camps and as a society we continue to be silent about one of the biggest mass detentions in modern society yet there is nothing being done about it to help these innocent human beings.

This all started in 2017 and as we enter 2021 sadly there is not enough coverage about it.We learn about the holocaust in school yet we have a present repeat of this yet there is not enough being done. WE NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE.The world said ‘ never again’ , yet here we are.

This is a cultural genocide and I believe we all as humans have a duty to not only educate ourselves but also to find the best way to put an input to make a change whether that is to sign petitions or spread awareness on social media.

The fact that there are millions of human beings being forced out of their religion  and to do things such as eat pork and drink alcohol which is against their religion. Muslims are being raped, tortured and killed. Mosques are being destroyed, organs are being harvested, children are being put up for adoption without consent. This is not okay and will never be okay.

Being a muslim in a society that despises me and human beings like me, I can not bear to watch my brothers and sisters suffer just because they are muslims.

Thank you for reading, Fatimin D12


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